Alchemi Group

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Alchemi Group has been creating distinguished residences in central London since 1999.

Alchemi Group is earning a reputation for being a boutique central London developer with a strong design vision. Specialising in the tasteful renovation of heritage buildings and turning neglected or redundant offices into stylish dwellings, Alchemi Group’s portfolio boasts a striking residential collection.

Known in the industry for their conceptual vision and exceptional interiors, Alchemi Group deliver residences that have a unique voice based on each building’s location and history. This successful developer consistently delivers residences to surpass even the most discerning expectations.

Highly detailed, thoughtful projects with consistent overall themes are attained by thorough exploration of design strategies, leaving no stone unturned. Alchemi Group collaborates closely with the architects to ensure they provide both practical and beautiful living spaces.

The best developments are a result of an intimate understanding of location, current market and trends, and purchaser profile. By sticking to these fundamentals, Alchemi Group delivers outstanding value for money for both investor and end-user.

Each project follows eight specific stages:

A potential site is identified based on location, current market and purchaser profile. The property is tested for its feasibility in consultation with architects, quantity surveyors, planning consultants and engineers. A financial appraisal is conducted using the data acquired, establishing project costs and timeframe.

Upon approval of a site, equity and lending models are established with investors and lenders to prepare for acquisition, assessing project viability. Concurrently, strategies for obtaining planning permission and also for marketing are developed, in conjunction with a design brief.

Based on the purchaser profile, which is influenced by trends and project location, the project’s visual identity is developed. This, in conjunction with the design brief, is used as a platform for engaging the project architect. Terms for the appointment of key professionals are negotiated.

To ensure project success, planning applications are submitted at an early stage of design. As the design is developed, project cost appraisals are updated at key stages. Final construction tender documents are prepared to establish the project’s contract price and the appointment of the General Contractor to commence construction.

Construction management is carried out throughout the project to ensure that project timeline and budget are maintained, and contract documents adhered to.

The sales strategy is put into place upon obtaining planning consent. Marketing materials – brand identity, brochures, show flat – are produced and employed to generate sales. Careful coordination between departments ensures marketing materials and end product are aligned.

Upon project completion a management company is engaged to coordinate possession by purchasers, and to manage the property throughout its lifetime. Post-construction issues are addressed under warranty.

By monitoring the life-cycle of a property after handover, strategies are put in place to continually adapt to the shifting market, as well as hone project design and construction methodology.